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Tricks and treats


Below a list of most important features, some are considered unique  of SSW Tornado

     Moving Map Display using real aeronuatical charts with super imposed airspaces, airports and navaids aeronautical layers
    Terrain following radar linked to flight director and autopilot, TFR is based on real SRTM elevation data
    Ground Mapping Radar with dynamically computed radar shadows
    NAV auto steering mode
    Dynamic Drag Index concept, external stores load/drop affect not only the weight but also the aerodinamic drag
    Wing sweep between 25 and 67 affect the aerodinamic behaviour changing the position of center of lift and inertia moments as well,
    Spin Prevention system
    vACMI compatibility, it requires at least vACMI installed, vACMI is free
    Optimized model for multiplayer to assure high FPS in online sessions, those model are named "UBUNTU"
    Tornado embedded tablet connected to a web site constantly updated, tablet will show normal and special procedures, new update and news of interest for users.


It is an innovative way to mantain documents an procedures updated as well give tips and tricks to user, since it is connected to a web site is a live document, often updated. For you convenience here the link to our PA200 tablet that will be available also as an embedded 2D pop up window into the sim.


CPU: Intel / AMD multi core 4-8 o RAM: 4 Gbytes, suggested 8GB
GPU: Nvidia with at least 2 GByte of RAM, DX10/11 compatible. other GPU as AMD Radheon are known to work correctly but are not supported by SSW.
OS Windows 7 and later, suggested WIN10 version 17003 build 15063.540) or later
Models for FSX require FSX ACC PACK
Models for P3D v3 require P3D v. 3.3.2 and newer
Models for P3D v4 require P3D v. 4.0.0 and newer
All models require at least vACMI installed (vACMI is freely downloadable from SSW site)
We can not guarantee that our models works perfectly on Mac models when run in Windos dual boot even if we have positive experiences on this, in any case will we make our best to support Mac users