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Tricks and treats


This model has an AVSIM review here it has been awarded with the AVSIM GOLD STAR






High detailed model, fully animated
High detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working
Frame rate friendly in single and multi player, it cames in two versions:
- 'SOLO' for single player use
- 'UBUNTU' optimized for multiplayer
- Complete 3D-lights systems both internal and external, no flaws on low visibility

- Complete Italian liveries set in different tone and aging
- Bump, speculars applied (SOLO model only)
- Soon a complete paintkit will be available for painters

- Almost all real system have been modelled and are working as the real thing is
- Flight dynamics modeled 99% close to real airplane, fully tested and validated by qualified real F-104 pilots, DDIS (Dynamic Drag Index System)
- Fully functional NASARR R-21G radar, A/G and A/A mode with:
* MTI (Mouving target indication)
* STT (Single track target)
- Aerodynamic pitch up, inertia coupling and BLC system reproduced
- Payload drop actually changes airplane weight and balance
- Inertial navigator Litton LN-3 fully implemented
- Dual timer bombing system
- Special weapon delivery system
- Conventional weapon system, rocket launch, AA missiles launch system

- Model is optimized for Multiplayer, it loads, drops/launch MK82/MK83/Rockets/Gun, launchs AIM9/AIM7, weapon drop/blast and missile launch are visible both in single and multiplayer mode with no or negligible FSX server clogging (tested and verified with up to 10 players and 25 weapon, bandwidth load remains below 80 KBytes)

Model comes with complete docs:
- Normal/emergency/weapons procedures pilot checklists
- Real 300 pages aircraft manual patched to be fully used with the model
- Other useful docs
- High detailed sceneries of 2 Italian airbases (Rimini and Istrana)
- Support forum account
- All version 3.x upgrading and patches at no cost.
- Full detailed paint kit available for painters (It will be published later)
- GPL (restricted) licensed


CPU: Intel / AMD multi core 4-8 o RAM: 4 Gbytes, suggested 8GB

GPU: Nvidia with at least 2 GByte of RAM, DX10/11 compatible. other GPU as AMD Radheon are known to work correctly but are not supported by SSW.

OS Windows 7 and later, suggested WIN10 version 17003 build 15063.540) or later

Models for FSX require FSX ACC PACK

Models for P3D v3 require P3D v. 3.3.2 and newer

Models for P3D v4 require P3D v. 4.0.0 and newer

All models require at least vACMI installed (vACMI is freely downloadable from SSW site)

We can not guarantee that our models works perfectly on Mac models when run in Windos dual boot even if we have positive experiences on this, in any case will we make our best to support Mac users