vACMI and Combat Zone

The virtual Air combat Maneuvering Installation (aka vACMI) is a tool that should help the management of joint simulated military exercises in a P3D® v 4.x multiplayer on-line environment and should enhance the exercise realism. as well1. vACMI manages air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air weapons with the aim to enhance the joint exercise realism and to permit a post-exercise evaluation, however the use of vACMI in a single player session is supported as well and also enhances realism.

The SSW Combat Zone

The SSW Combat Zone is an open and world-wide extended virtual space, a space where simmers using the Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D v4 flight simulator can conduct simulated combat operations with a high degree of realism, players can see real-time on a map, through a WEB interface, theirs operations and the results of the operational missions that are being conducted.
The SSW Combat Zone can be used by both a single player and many players connected to a multiplayer session.

What is needed to be able to use the SSW Combat Zone?

  • the Prepar3D v 4.x simulator
  • a vACMI-enabled aircraft using vACMI (all SSW planes are vACMI-enabled), in the vACMI user manual there is written how to make any airplane vACMI enabled.
  • vACMI Client,  a weapon system manager for x64 installed, vACMI Client is a free software distributed by SSW , see vACMI download
  • a vACMI server enabled account

Combat Zone components

vACMI client manages all the SSW aircraft equipped armaments, provides the ability to generate target scenarios dynamically and provides visual indications of the effects and precision of arming releases on the targets themselves, it provides data exchange with the vACMI server as well.

It is the heart of the system, it manages all interactions between players and the SSW Combat zones beyond those of the players themselves.
The server is located on a dedicated machine, an INTEL I7 3770 at 3.4 Ghz with 32 GB of RAM and has a 100 Mb symmetric transmission/receiving bandwidth.

The WEB INTERFACE (aka vACMI WEb Control)
It is a WEB page at which shows in real-time a map of operations at that time in the Combat Zone: aircrafts, ships, launchs/drops of air-to-ground, air-to-air and ground-to-air armament with its CEP related results
Shows the entire Battle Order with all SAM sites, AAA and their detect/engage ranges.

The link to see the web interface is HERE

It’s the set of software that includes:

  • 56 scenarios of 56 targets
  • 25 SAM sites
  • 10 AAA sites
  • 20 scenarios of airports

Most of Battle order objects (targets, SAM site, etc.) are located in the ex-Jugoslavia territory , most of target objects are “fixed” into compiled sceneries, however vACMI has the capability to create dynamically target objects and SAM/AAA targets everywhere. To this end the vACMI Partner distributed with vACMI client is of great help.

Most of the targets are active, such as SAM sites and AAAs are capable of producing damage to player aircraft and can be disabled if they are hit.
This software combined with the ability of vACMI to generate and manage custom and dynamically generated target sceneries, dramatically expands the capabilities of Battle Order, also vACMI has the ability to generate naval/ground convoys on predefined routes to build more scenarios.

The link to see how to get the Combat Zone software is HERE (need to be logged to skunkNET/vACMI forum)