Rules and regulations

The skunkNET network is offered to you free of charge conditioned on your acceptance of the skunkNET rules and regulations, terms of use and privacy policy published on our website. Your use of the network constitutes your agreement to these documents. SimSkunkWorks reserves the right to change or update these documents and will notify users if it does.

Users not meeting user requirements, abusing or violating the rules and regulations, unauthorized accessing, tampering, altering, disseminating or jeopardizing the network environment or disclosing user information to third parties may face sanction to be the sole determination of SimSkunkWorks.

One-time registration with skunkNET , with full and real name, grants usage of skunkNET services, provided the user is minimal 16 years of age at the time of registration, registers a continuously valid working e-mail address. Accounts will be be subject to approval by SimSkunkWorks. Users shall not create multiple accounts and are responsible to keep their accounts up to date. Users shall never share account passwords with other persons nor allow others to use their account and shall only use their own account.

Pilots shall never connect on a runway or taxiway or in the air. Immediate reconnection shall be performed should a pilot connect on a runway or taxiway or in the air by mistake. Pilots shall ensure they fly with a simulator rate of 1 regardless if this is adjusted manually or automatically.

skunkNET’s solely intent is to simulate civil and military flying activities, leaving on a side all institutional aspects of military authorities, renouncing to any behavior that could be misunderstood as a lack of respect towards the military and civil institutions. That is the reason why within skunkNET, the use of military hierarchy, including the use of rank system will not be used nor mentioned, every member will have equal dignity and rights, although some staff key positions have the right to take decisions.

The simulated flying activity, is considered by SimSkunkWorks, as a “game”, “not real” and needs to be clearly separated from real life.

SimSkunkWorks will not tolerate any behaviour, by skunkNET members, that could be interpreted as mystification such as: associating their own person with real rank, emblems, recognitions of any kind that could mystify belonging to real Armed Forces, or real military pilots. On this matter, in orther to avoid any kind of misunderstanding we suggest that ranks, emblems and so on, have to be clearly marked as “virtual”.

SimSkunkWorks will not tolerate any behaviour that could induce to moral or physical violence, to racism, to political violence, religious, sexual, social, or that could be in favour of war. SimSkunkWorks is against violence and against war if not conducted as mean of defence.