Getting started

You can find the full manual here.

Below is a list of steps required to quickly install and start skunkNET.

Step 0: Join skunkNET

To download and use skunkNET, you must be registered. Use the Join skunkNET menu to require an account. As soon as you register, you will be allowed to download the installer.

In 2 workings days you will receive a confirmation email with your client username and password. You will be required to enter these credentials to connect to skunkNET.

Step 1: Download and install

Get the latest skunkNET installer from here. Download the file and install it, running it as administrator. By default, skunkNET.exe is installed in:

 <your P3D/FSX folder>\SimSkunkWorks\skunkNET

Step 2: (Optional) Install vACMI

Even if skunkNET can operate as a standalone software, it is optimized to work in conjunction with SimSkunkWorks vACMI, which you can freely download from here (requires registration to SimSkunkWorks website). Install it,  running it as administrator.

Step 3: Start skunkNET

Standalone installation: simply run skunkNET.exe, located in the installation directory indicated above. You can make a shortcut if you prefer. skunkNET MUST be started after you started you simulator, otherwise an error will be presented and the application will close.

vACMI installation: if you installed vACMI, you can start skunkNET directly from your simulator.  Bring your simulator tab panel up by using the ALT key. Then use the dropdown menu Add-ons>skunkNET>Start.

Step 4: Enter your credentials

At your first startup, you will be presented a partially blank connection form. The standard connection options are pre-filled, and generally should not be changed. Should you experience connection issues, try changing your Local port to a differente value.

On the other hand, you will be required to insert your Username and Password, which you will receive in you confirmation email.


As soon as you connect to the server, you will be presented a Lobby select form. You must select a lobby from the available ones, provided that the lobby is not full. Some lobbies are free access and do not require a password, while others do. Password protected lobbies are used for special activites and are reserved to virtual groups. Contact us via our forum to receive additional information.

You can select the “Automatically connect at startup” checkbox so that the Connection and Lobby select phases are skipped and you are automatically connected to skunkNET at startup. Should you decide to re-enable the forms (e.g. because you want to change your default lobby), open as administrator the configuration file located in:

<your P3D/FSX folder>/SimSkunkWorks/skunkNET/config.ini

then set the autoconnect entry to false.

Step 6: CONNECT TO skunknet and enjoy!

If the data you entered is correct, you will be connected to skunkNET and you will be ready to fly!

For additional information and troubleshooting, please refer to our manual.